Colour Coded Toolroom Die Springs

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Gas Springs Made to the highest manufacturing specifications to guarantee long life and reliability.....

Turned Parts Offering a large range of materials, and turned to your individual requirements.....

Bespoke & Unique Springs & Other Items We are more than willing and capable of producing the unusual, prepare to be amazed.....

Hinges We are now able to produce hinges, even down to very small sizes and made to your requirements.....



Along with our standard range of Die Springs, we also offer a range of Colour Coded Toolroom Die Springs. From extra light to extra heavy we are sure to have your requirement covered, and with the range usually available for delivery within a few days you get your springs when you need them. To view your desired range left click on the links below, this will then open in acrobat or your web browser dependant on your settings. To save a copy to your hard disk right click and save target as.

toolroom die springs


Extra Light Load - Light Green Colour

Light Load - Green Colour

Medium Load - Blue Colour

Heavy Load - Red Colour

Extra Heavy Load - Yellow Colour



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